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The Proposal:

  1. The current, and any future development applications be opposed, and the owners and developers are negotiated with, and encouraged to explore the following:

  2. The planning and development of the 4 properties on Robertson Road, and the 3 properties South of RR be coordinated and completed at the same time, including a shared underground carpark (recommended by the Newport Masterplan Item 3.4.1 (Land Uses) (viii) Encourage consolidation of lots to provide for efficient underground parking).

  3. In addition, explore options and solutions for the planning and design of the buildings fronting Robertson Rd, Barrenjoey Rd and Foamcrest Ave, so the streetscape and amenities are coordinated and harmonized to maximum practical and aesthetic advantage, in line with the Newport Masterplan.

Robertson precinct plan 4.jpg

The Advantages:

  1. The disruption to residents and businesses from construction is only experienced once.

  2. Property owners/developers realize and are rewarded with more potential floor space by not having to provide access to underground parking, and the pavements and frontages in Robertson Rd and on Barrenjoey Rd are not interrupted.

  3. The number of current tenants potentially disrupted by construction are at the moment relatively few.

  4. Establishing a high quality model development in the heart of Newport will encourage and attract similar development in the surrounding precinct.

  5. Robertson Road will be secured to thrive and develop as the heart of Newport for future generations.

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